About us

About Us

Gingerlily Art Unique ideas were birthed during the pandemic and it was how Gingerlily Art came about during the circuit breaker period in Singapore.

The founders - Janet Ang and Simon Privett - felt that the Singapore-themed souvenirs in the market were cheaply made and plentiful in the Chinatown stores. However, finding good quality Singapore souvenirs was a struggle when they wanted to bring something back for their family and friends. Therefore, they put her ideas to work to create a line of lifestyle products that would impress them. These unique products such as tote bags, tiffin carriers, trays, plates, coasters, and more, bear the artistic hand-drawn illustrations of iconic buildings such as our Katong shophouses and Raffles Hotel. The main artist is Simon Privett, who is Janet's father-in-law. They occasionally work with a local artist on commissioned pieces.

Janet Ang Privett explains, "We pride ourselves in product innovation and having the ability to connect the needs of customers and produce products that capture the essence of what Singapore represents."

What started small, Gingerlily Art now retails at Discover Shops by Lagardere Travel Retail at Terminals 1 to 4 at Changi Airport, Silkwalk, Palm Press, Iggy's Craft, Singapore Brisa, Ginko Collection, Independant Market and Suterwalas.