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Chinese Lunar New Year Calendar | Zodiac Lanterns Theme

Chinese Lunar New Year Calendar | Zodiac Lanterns Theme

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 Do you know Feb 10th  will mark the beginning of the Year of Rabbit. The date of Chinese New Year is decided by the moon. Learn more about this quintessential Asian holiday with our unique 'advent' calendar. 

The first day to open this year's calendar will be on Feb 10th.

Our Chinese New Year Calendar counts the 15 days of the Chinese New Year – revealing illustrations and a little bit about this day's or an event's significance. It presents you a unique way to paticipate in this festival for you and your children. A great tool for educators and parents, or anyone who wants to know a little about the biggest holidays in Asia. 

The cover story for this English only version is about the legend of the 12 zodiac animals and why they are lined up according to their ranking in the zodiac cycle. 

The advent calendar will be A3 size (297x420mm), printed in bright 4colour offset (like a magazine) on 360gsm artcard paper (that's a thick cardboard, similar to a postcard, but two of those). 

If you have 2 kids or more, it will be good to pair this and the Lion Dance version as the window illustrations, cover page and stories are totally different as we seek to celebrate CNY in a new light yearly. 


We ship globally for rest of world ex Singapore. As we are nearing CNY and if you opt for normal service, we are happy to fulfil the orders but please like all of us , we are at the mercy of postal service. If you want guaranteed delivery, please opt for express service with FedEx. Thank you for kind understanding. 



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