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Beeswax Wrap | Raffles Hotel

Beeswax Wrap | Raffles Hotel

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Premium cotton beeswax wrap in 'Raffles' & 'Shophouses' design.

Beeswax wrap is a natural and BETTER alternative. Made with natural ingredients carefully selected for their unique qualities.

  • BEESWAX: Anti-bacterial, water & air resistant.
  • TREE RESIN: Tacky, superior cling.
  • JOJOBA OIL: Pliable, long lifespan.
  • COTTON: All natural, durable material.

The wraps are breathable and acts like a skin layer that help retain your fruits & vegetable's moisture while releases natural gases emitted so they stay fresh longer.

Raffles - Medium 10x10in/ 25.4x25.4cm

A workhorse in the kitchen. Cover most bowls, or fold into a snack bag.

If you have to pick just one! Wrap sandwiches, store herbs in the fridge or cover a large serving bowl.


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